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Cat Tricks Class

Virtually Cats & Tricks

In this fun and interactive class you will learn different ways to train your cat fun tricks such as sit, mat work, targeting, and much more!

  • Class runs for 5 weeks

  • 30 min in length

  • Attend online

  • Cost: $55

  • Half price for the second cat in a household; each cat must have its own adult human handler

  • Class capacity: 4 cat/handler teams. At least one adult human per cat must attend.

What is needed for class: Clicker (Or a pen), target stick/pencil, folded towel/mat, yummy treats, a quiet space, and a computer/camera for online class.

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Why Clicker Training?

  • Clicker training can help prevent boredom

  • Build confidence in your cat

  • Provide enrichment/mental stimulation

  • Help to decrease and prevent behavioral problems

  • Cats develop a new skill set and life skills

  • Increase the bond with your cat

  • Plus its fun!

Mia and Juno showing off their skills!

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Common Questions

Can any cat take the tricks class?

Yes! any cat can take the tricks class as long as they are not hiding and nervous about their environment

Is my cat too old to be trained?

No, but if your cat is older this may not be the best fit if your cat has mobility issues. If you are wanting to do any training with your older cat we can customize a training plan to fit their elderly needs.

What is clicker training?

It is using an object called a clicker to "click" the behavior we want and then rewarding that behavior with something wonderful.

What if my cat is not food motivated?

There are other rewards we can give our cats besides food and we can also explore other food options