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A customized training plan based on your goals for your cat


Training solutions for common unwanted behaviors

I develop a customized training plan specific to your goals and your cats needs.

One to one coaching starts with an initial consult. During this session we will further discuss your completed history form, any concerns, prioritize your goals, and set up a regular meeting schedule.

Meeting regularly allows for consistent sessions to get the most efficient and effective training results. Can meet in person or virtually.​

  • Initial consult $125 for 1hr

  • One hour private lessons $90

Common unwanted behaviors I cover are:

  • Litter box etiquette

  • Designated "Scratching" posts

Please contact Leslie for more information. 

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Shelter cat_edited.jpg


Ready. Set. Train.

In private training sessions we can also focus on learning fun new behaviors such as tricks, getting ready for vet visits, or husbandry skills at home. Can meet in person or virtually.

  • Initial consult $125 for 1 hour​​

  • One hour private lessons $90

Some practical skills we can work on together include:

  • Stationing: this is a foundational skill that enables your cat to stay in one spot 

  • Carrier acclimation: getting your cat comfortable going into their carrier

  • Targeting: Your cat touching a body part to an object - Important foundation skill, plus its fun!

  • and many more!

Please contact Leslie for more information

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