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Cat Training Class

Let your inner kitty roar with confidence and life skills!

Virtually Cats n' Tricks

In this fun and interactive class you will learn how to train your cat a few tricks such as sit, go to a mat, and more!

  • Class runs for 4 weeks

  • 30 min in length

  • Location: virtually/online

  • Cost: $60

  • Small class size for maximum comfort and learning

What is needed for class: Clicker (Or a pen), target stick/pencil, folded towel/mat, yummy treats, a quiet space, and a computer/camera for online class.

​Next session starts:

Tuesday May 7th - 28th at 7:45pm

Cat training

Why Train Your Cat:

  • Training can help to prevent boredom

  • Build confidence in your cat

  • Provide enrichment/mental stimulation

  • Help to decrease and prevent behavioral problems

  • Cats develop a new set of life skills

  • Increase the bond with your cat

  • Plus its fun!

Juno showcasing her skills!​

Common Questions:

Can any cat take the tricks class?

Yes! any cat can take the tricks class as long as they are not hiding and nervous about their environment

What if my cat is not food motivated?

There are other things we can explore with your cat to find something they like - eg. different foods, play, petting

Is my cat too old to be trained?

No, but if your cat is elderly and has some mobility issues we can make adjustments to fit their elderly needs.

How do you train a cat?

I use positive reinforcement training methods and reinforce a desirable behavior with something the cat finds wonderful

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