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Foundations for Cooperative Care

Help your dog feel comfortable with their care, reduce the stress associated with certain types of handling, and increase the bond with your dog in the process

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Foundations For Cooperative Care Class

In this class we build the foundations needed for you and your dog to be successful in preparing them for their personal care. This fun and interactive class involves different elements such as props, tools, and engaging discussions regarding your dog's training and personal goal. The handler and their dog should have an idea of a behavior they want to work on for class. 

Example; nail trim, eye medicating, brushing, etc.

  • Class runs for 6 weeks ​

  • 1 hour in length

  • Small group classes for maximum comfort and learning

  • Location: Virtually and in person

  • Cost: $175

(Includes class and 1/2 hr private virtual follow up 1 month after 6 week session)

Next session starts:

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What is Cooperative Care:

Cooperative care is working with our pets comfort level, giving them a voice in the care they receive, reduce stress associated with certain events (for both human and dog), and improve communication between you and your dog.

A few examples of care that we can help our dogs feel comfortable with are:

  • Administering different types medications - eg. oral or eye medication

  • Handling - eg. putting on a harness/leash or muzzle

  • Grooming - eg. bathing or nail trims

  • and many more!

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