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Private Dog Training

A customized training plan based on your goals for your dog

Private Sessions

Whether you recently adopted a new dog and want to set them up for success in their new home or are tired of feeling anxious when you take your dog to the vet or groomer. I can help bring relief and understanding to any situation you may have. 

I teach you the skills necessary to successfully train and improve your dogs behavior so your life is more enjoyable together

​Look forward to a relationship of trust and understanding for a deeper connection with your dog.

A few examples of things we can cover:

  • Skills to medicate your dog

  • How to prepare for vet visits or the groomer

  • Cooperative care Training; Nail care, bathing, brushing, etc

  • Calm walks

  • Harmony in the home

How It Works:

I develop a customized training plan specific to your goals and your dogs needs. Private coaching starts with an initial consult. During this session we will further discuss your completed history form, any concerns, prioritize your goals, and set up a regular meeting schedule.

Meeting regularly allows for consistent sessions to get the most efficient and effective training results.

Offering in person or virtual consults and sessions

  • Consult $125 for 1hr

  • Private lesions $90/hr

Ready to enjoy life with your dog?

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