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Cat Training Classes

Ready. Set. Meow.

These fun classes start off with building the foundations to set your cat up for success in their home.

Kitten Kindergarten

Kitten Kindergarten

Start your kitten off on the right paw with kitten kindergarten. 

 I help you set up their environment for success, expose them to positive handling experiences, and different items. By creating these positive experiences early on in your kitten’s life the more confident they will be with these experiences in the future. Setting your kitten up for success early on can help to prevent unwanted behaviors later. Plus, deepen your bond with your kitten in the process.

Virtually Cats n' Tricks

It’s true! Cats can be trained! 

Do you have a kitty at home that is bored and could use some mental stimulation? Or have you recently adopted a new cat? This class may be the purr-fect fit to learn some fun new skills along with your cat and deepen your bond in the process.

Cat training
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