Kind and supportive Dog & Cat training


Are you and your pet stressed out for veterinary visits?

Is your pet uncomfortable with handling, grooming, or strongly objects to certain procedures?

I am here to help reduce that stress and make life easier for the both of you

I offer creative and fun solutions to help you reach your training and behavior goals with your pet using positive reinforcement training.

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Dog Services


Cat Services


Why Paws First?

Integrative: I have a veterinary medical background combined with the animal training side to benefit you and your pet. Together, we can come up with a solution for your pet's care at the veterinary hospital, at home, or out in the world.

Compassionate: I offer kindness, patience, and empathy for a collaborative approach to create a fun and supportive environment.

Knowledgeable: I frequently attend conferences, webinars, workshops, and classes to increase my knowledge and improve my skills.



Jack practicing his mat work during virtual class
Poe stationing on his mat
Teresa and Echo muzzle practice during class
Jack practicing mat work
Poe jump through my arms
Lynda and Lhola muzzle practice
Becky and Ola side chin rest
Bingo sit. What a good boy!
Mardi and Shadow with the otoscope
Pebbles playing around the carrier

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