Kitten Kindergarten

Ready. Set. Meow.

Start your kitten off on the right paw. This fun class will help you to set your kitten up for success in their new home, prepare them for veterinary visits, nail clipping, taking medication and much more! Plus, learn a fun trick each week!

  • Class runs for 4 weeks

  • 1hr in length

  • Attend online

  • Cost: $115 (Includes Kitten Pack) or $95 without kitten pack

  • Half price for the second kitten in a household; each kitten must have its own adult human handler

  • Class capacity: 4 kitten/handler teams. At least one adult human per kitten must attend.

Items needed for class: Clicker, cat harness, pill gun, syringe, nail clippers, toothbrush, target stick, and treats (Included in kitten pack)

Other items needed: Treats, quiet space and a computer/camera for online class

Class starts Tuesday October 5th at 7pm